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Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation

You don’t need to wait to start your road to recovery until after surgery. In fact, pre- and post-operative physical therapy are two crucial aspects to a successful surgery. We work closely with your surgeon and Hudson Regional Hospital’s team of board-certified physicians to design a physical therapy program that ultimately results in a great outcome after surgery.

While most patients are familiar with a post-operative rehabilitation program, you may not be aware of the benefits of physical therapy prior to your procedure.

A pre-surgical physical therapy program can:
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Improve muscular control of the injured joint and range of motion
  • Normalize movement patterns
  • Help you understand the exercises you will be performing after surgery
Following surgery, physical therapy can start anywhere from a few hours to a few days after the procedure.

A patient’s ability to regain motion, strength, and ultimately return to a normal lifestyle depends on physical therapy. Without it, the body will not regain normal movement.

Our post-surgical physical therapy program will:
  • Minimize the adverse effects of surgery, such as pain and swelling
  • Restore normal movement, flexibility, and function

The program is typically divided into 3 phases:


The first comes immediately after surgery.

The body part may be immobilized while pain and swelling subside.


Next comes a series of progressively challenging exercises.

These exercises will help build strength, motion, and stability.


The final goal is to return the patient to a pre-injury or pre-procedure activity level.

The convenient location of Hudson Physical Therapy on the 2nd floor of Hudson Regional Hospital makes for a smooth transition from surgery to rehabilitation.