Patient Testimonials

“You’re being motivated to do more than you think you could have done, which will help you feel better.”
John K.
“They take a keen interest in what I do and try to get me back to that level. They know running is a passion, so they started me on a running program that’s tailored towards strengthening the right muscles to enable me to run.”
John G.
“If I never found this practice, I would probably still be walking around limping and in pain. I got my life back.”
Curtis J.
“Their goal is to make sure you leave even better than you were before your injury.”
Dean S.
“Excellent facility to get you back to health. The staff is amazing! Kaylah and Jen were so helpful and always had a smile on their face. The therapists and trainers were full of energy and really get you motivated. Great experience!”
Giacomo G.
“This is one of the best PT place I have been. They know what work up you need for the type of injury you have. 100% recommended”
Reuven A.
“I have been coming to Hudson Physical Therapy for over 2 months. Everyone at this facility is amazing. From the amazing front staff that is always friendly & attentive, always following up on my progress & recovery. The physical therapy staff is unbelievable, they are extremely attentive. I had a total knee replacement and when I came here, I couldn't move. Now, I have so much mobility, the PAs & their assistants follow up on me like I am their only patient. I would give them 11 stars not even 10. I highly recommend HPT, you will not be disappointed. A+++.”
Thomas S.
“The staff is really on me to make a full recovery. I'm currently still early in my rehab but I can tell the difference from the first day my sessions started until now. They don't sugarcoat anything. They said I have to work and they put me to work and I am getting results. Still in a lot of pain but I can see progress being made all thanks to the staff at Hudson Physical Therapy.”
Lee H.
“Dr. Chew is the best chiropractor you can find. He listens to your concerns about your health. His adjustments and treatments work wonders. I always leave his office feeling so much better. Dr. Chew is very personable and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Chew for all your chiropractic needs!”
Karen M.
“Very nice place. Brianna has been amazing with me since getting my ACL reconstruction surgery. Kaylah is a very nice office manager, so helpful. Everyone that works they’re very friendly and easy going.”
Melissa D.
“The staff at Hudson Physical Therapy are great. I enjoy coming to Hudson Physical Therapy because after I feel great. Everyone is nice, caring, and understanding. They work with you to help correct your physical needs and emotional needs as well. I personally recommend everyone to come to Hudson Physical Therapy and allow the staff to get you active and get you moving on the right track. You won't be disappointed. Because having a lazy body will get you nowhere. But an active physical body in motion would get you visiting places all around the world. That's what Hudson Physical Therapy does for you - they get you working and get you moving.”
K. D.
“Amazing staff with great personalities and a compassionate atmosphere. Dr. Brianna Franklin literally knows each and every patient that walks into therapy. She is absolutely amazing! I am very thankful for the staff and her care. Highly recommend.”
Blair M.